Receive notification when there is new sale/rent in your neighbourhood

  • Sign up using SMS, Facebook or Google account
  • Receive neighbour sale/rental transaction notification via email
  • Choose preferred types of notifications
  • View latest nearby new launch projects
  • Choose the notification types and nearby radius
  • Client can contact you anytime via WhatsApp, Call, SMS or WeChat
  • Add unlimited number of properties

Manage Your VIPs and Grab New VIPs

Integrated with iERA App

  • Get your personalized RealtyWatch link
  • Generate QR code for your clients to scan
  • View list of your VIPs
  • View individual VIP's viewing statistics
  • Contact your VIP directly via WhatsApp, call, SMS, email
  • Grab VIPs signed up at
  • Customize your RealtyWatch page via advanced settings
  • Export your VIPs to excel or mailers

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