ROBO Advisor

Plan for your client intelligently

  • Automatically provide your buyers different options based on their financial positions
  • Covers most common scenarios
  • TDSR, LTV, ABSD, MSR are all integrated
  • Options to sell or keep existing properties
  • Risk assessment and investment analysis
  • Project recommendations (with unit info) if client chooses to buy new condo
  • Save buyer's profile
  • Duplicate buyer's profile to try other financial positions
  • Share the calcualtion result with your client using unique link

Calculators for private property

  • Financial evaluation / TDSR calculator
  • BUy new project calcualtor
  • New project investment analysis
  • Buy resale project calculator
  • Resale investment analysis
  • ABSD calculator

Calculators for HDB flat

  • Financial evaluation / MSR calculator
  • Buy HDB using bank loan calculator
  • HDB housing grand estimator
  • HDB sales processds calculator

Other calculators

  • Decoupling calculator
  • Loan amortization table
  • Rental stamp duty calculator
  • Pledge/Unpledge calculator
  • Enquity term loan calculator
  • CPF usage for HDB resale flat calculator
  • CPF usage for leasehold private residential property calculator

Display & export

  • All numbers are dynamically calculated, no need to press any button
  • Summary box available for some calculators
  • Help pop-up available to reduce confusion
  • Export calculator result in PDF for share on WhatsApp
  • Exported calculation result comes with your name and contact number
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